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INVERTER DOT Spot welding machine

INVERTER DOT Spot welding machine is the ideal answer to the welding requirements of high strength steels (UHSS / Boron steel); 550 daN electrode arms force, 13.000 Amps welding current; it is fully compliant with the European directive 2004/40/EC

Article: 010321

HAMMER DDT 6300A Spot welding machine (1 ph. 230 V)

It is an compact impulse spot welding machine with synergic and manual control; the machine is perfectly suited for small body shops, metal furniture manufactures, ventilation duct manufactures and etc.; automatically adjusts current and impulse duration after a welded part thickness (from 0.6+0.6 mm till 2.0+2.0 mm) is input to the system; 6300 A, max 14 kVA, 10 kg

Article: 022980

C10 arm for X-type pinch welding gun of INVERTER DOT machine

C10 arm for X-type pinch welding gun of INVERTER DOT machine

Article: 051638

Arm C9 insulated

Aluminium Arm C9 insulated

Article: 020078

Kit of C Arms (C2+C3+C5+C6+C9)

Kit includes C2, C3, C5, С6 and C9 arms.

Article: 050044

Kit of aluminium C Arms (C2+C3+C4)

Kit of 3 high rigidity aluminium water cooled C-arms; caps ISO type A, diameter Ø13 mm

Article: 019126

Sharpener for electrode tips

Sharpener for electrode tips

Article: 048966

Aluminium Arm C1

Aluminium arm C1

Article: 019140

Aluminium Arm C2

Aluminum arm С2

Article: 019133

Aluminium Arm C3

Aluminium arm C3

Article: 019157