HAMMER IT Spotter for steel (1 ph. 230V)

HAMMER IT Spotter for steel (1 ph. 230V)

    HAMMER IT is a professional spotter for steel body parts repair of any complexity. The machine is equipped with simplified setting system (Synergic) which allows fast selection of welding programs. After the program is selected, current value and welding impulse duration are adjusted automatically.


  • SYNERGIC – simplified setting system

  • Welding impulse is activated with a button placed on the gun

  • Digital display shows precise parameters of the selected tool
    + and – buttons allows adjustment and selection of operator’s welding parameters

  • 6 working modes for all necessary operations

  • Overload protection actuation indicator

  • The welding gun is equipped with quick connector which ensures tool change in less than 3 seconds

  • The weight of the machine is only 16 kg.

The package includes:
- Spotter
- Welding gun with cable
- Sliding hammer
- Mass cable
- Power cable
- Consumables: star electrodes.

Article: 275116

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