INVERTER TIG AC/DC welding machine

INVERTER TIG AC/DC welding machine

    Welding machine with microprocessor-based control and digital display is used for welding with tungsten electrode at alternating or direct current in argon shield (TIG AC/DC) and for arc welding with coated electrodes (MMA).

    Inverter welding current generator ensures machine operation being powered from 1 phase 230V electrical network, allows use of extension cable up to 100 m long.


    TIG AC/DC welding:

  • Contact (LIFT) or contactless (HF) arc ignition

  • Unlike other welding machines INVERTER TIG AC/DC provides highly effective welding of both thin and thick aluminum parts in TIG mode within the range of 5-200A AC

  • Aiming function: low welding current is used as a light pointer for precise positioning of the arc before turning on the main current. In this case auto darkening welding helmet will provide excellent visibility of the working area

  • Operation modes:
    Common settings for AC and DC:
    - preliminary gas feeding time;
    - time of current increase from minimum to welding value;
    - welding current value (operator can switch between 2 values (hot current and cold current) in 4Tlog mode;
    - time of current decrease from welding to minimum value;
    - gas feeding time after welding.

    AC settings:
    - balance between direct and indirect polarity of the welding current (cleaning / penetration);
    - Current frequency for precise arc positioning;
    - mode selection: manual or automatic (AC Easy).
    TIG Pulsed:
    - Normal mode: operator sets hot and cold welding current and current frequency;
    - Easy Pulse mode: operator sets the average welding current; the machine automatically selects all the parameters.
    TIG Spot:
    Tacking of parts before welding start.
  • 3 trigger modes:
    2-step, 4-step and 4-step LOG (4Tlog) with fast switching between hot current and cold current

  • MMA welding:

  • Welding of low-carbon, low-alloyed and stainless steel and cast iron using the corresponding coated electrodes

  • Features: Anti-sticking (easy detachment of the electrode in case of sticking), Hot Start (easy arc ignition), Arc Force (prevention of electrode sticking).

  • The package includes:
    - Welding machine with inverter generator
    - Mass cable with clamp
    - TIG torch with accessory kit
    - MMA electrode holder
    - Gas feeding hose.

    Article: 034136

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