HAMMER TT Spotter for steel (1ph. 230V)

    HAMMER TT is designed for professional use in automotive industry and is intended for steel body part repair of any complexity. The selection of a tool is performed using the sole adjusting knob placed on the control panel; this considerably saves time and eliminates errors relating to the setting of impulse duration.


  • SYNERGIC – simplified setting system

  • Welding impulse is activated with a button placed on the gun

  • The adjusting knob ensures convenience of selection of the working tool and simultaneous power level change for compensation of possible voltage decrease in power supply network

  • 5 operation modes: star electrode welding; wavy wire welding; pulling rings welding (for sills and posts pulling); bulge settling using copper electrode; graphite electrode heating

  • Overload protection actuation indicator

  • Entire wiring including transformer is made of copper ensuring maximum efficiency and minimal electricity consumption

  • The lightest spotter – weight is only 14 kg

  • The tool selection and power adjustment is performed using the sole knob. There is no need for any additional settings!

The package includes:
- Spotter
- Welding gun with cable
- Mass cable
- Sliding hammer 1.1 kg.

- Electrodes SR00009

Article: 048782

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