HAMMER T-34 Spotter for steel with two welding guns (1ph. 230 V)

    HAMMER T-34 is designed for repair of steel panels. The machine is perfectly suited for body repair of any complexity. The panels can be repaired without dismantling. The spotter is equipped with two quick-detachable cables with welding guns this ensures easy application of additional accessories. The selected welding programs for each welding gun are stored in machine’s memory this saves time during work with frequent change of tools.


  • SYNERGIC – simplified setting system

  • 7 programs for different types of work

  • 11 power levels for each program

  • Two simultaneously connected welding guns

  • Gun with automatic welding impulse (impulse goes when the tool comes in contact with a part surface)

  • Gun with manual current control

  • Power connector for additional tools extending machines capabilities

  • Overload protection actuation indicator

  • Flattening of steel car body parts

  • Welding of fixture elements (screws, rivets, nails and etc.)

  • Bulge settling.

The package includes:
- Spotter
- Welding gun with cable, 2 pcs.
- Mass cable
- Sliding hammer 1.1 kg.

- Electrodes SR00009.

Article: 010314

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