About us

RedHotDot offers a wide range of professional welding equipment and tools designed for vehicle body repair.

RHD – wide range of equipment

At present RedHotDot product range includes:

- semi-automatic welding machines;
- spotters for steel and aluminum;
- contact welding machines (inverter/transformer);
- plasma arc machines;
- battery chargers and charger-starters.

RHD thorough quality control

RedHotDot equipment, tools, consumables and accessories undergo thorough quality check at every stage of production, therefore RedHotDot products correspond to the highest quality standards and meet the demands of professionals.

RHD – conformity to safety standards

RedHotDot welding equipment conforms to all safety standards and meets automobile manufacturers’ requirements for body repair. RHD design engineers have taken into account all new technologies of car body production and materials used, such as steel of different grades, aluminum, carbon fiber reinforced plastics and etc.

RedHotDot welding equipment – reliability, quality and efficiency!